02: Add New Registration

You will start your registration journey at your Dashbaord screen. This is the page where you can view past and existing registrations, and start new registrations.
1. Select + Add New Registration to get started.
2. Next you will need to select the Location you will be registering for.
3. Now it's time to add some routines! Just type in the new of the routine in the 'Add Routine' box
4. When you start typing in the routine name, you will be able to choose from routines you have already created or you can create a brand new routine.
5. If you are creating a new routine you will next be asked to add dancers to the routine. You can search and add dancers using the Add button.
6. This screen shows the dancers you have selected for this routine. You can add new dancers from this screen as well using the 'Add New; button.
7. If you need to edit your dancers you can do so from your Dancers page found at the top of the screen.
8.Once you have created the name and added the dancers, you will be able to complete the rest of the details for the routine.
9. The routines will then save to the Saved Routines section below. You can manage all the routines for this registration from this section.
10. Once you have all of your routines created and ready for the event, you can complete the registration by clicking 'Continue to Checkout'
All that's left is a final review and confirmation of your registration and you can complete the process. It's that easy!